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Whether you're a tech enthusiast, developer, or someone who loves personalized control, you're in for an exciting journey.

Let's get started! Click "Get Started" below to embark on a journey of customization and convenience. Design your own HTML graphical user interface (GUI) and effortlessly manage devices in your local area network (LAN). We've even included a complimentary universal AV GUI for our audiovisual enthusiasts.

Not sure where to begin? Our Sample pages guide you through the process, making it a breeze to tailor HTMLRemote to your preferences. Enjoy the freedom to control your devices with a personalized touch.

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About HTMLRemote

HTMLRemote allows you to control devices in your local area network (LAN) using your own HTML GUI:

  • Customized HTML Control: Design and implement your own HTML GUI to control devices effortlessly. Tailor the interface to suit your specific needs and preferences.
  • LAN Device Management: HTMLRemote puts the control of devices in your LAN at your fingertips. Manage your devices from a centralized and customizable HTML interface.
  • User-Friendly Configuration: As HTML developer, set up your devices with ease. HTMLRemote simplifies the configuration process, allowing you to integrate your devices seamlessly with your HTML GUI. Use the executeCommand function to send your command en receive the response from your device. Use our sample pages to learn how to easily connect the executeCommand function to your buttons.
  • Real-Time Device Monitoring: Keep a watchful eye on your devices in real time. Monitor their status, receive updates, and make instant adjustments using your personalized HTML control panel.
  • Enhanced Security: HTMLRemote prioritizes the security of your device control. Benefit from a secure and private environment while enjoying the convenience of remote device management.
  • Free Universal AV GUI Included: HTMLRemote comes with the universal AV GUI for audiovisual enthusiasts. Elevate your control experience for your AV devices, MyURemote GUI, provided free of charge. (Url =

Revolutionize your LAN device control with HTMLRemote, where your custom HTML GUI becomes the command center for all your connected devices. Experience the freedom of personalized control and elevate your home automation or network management to new heights

Why HTMLRemote

The ability to send commands from the internet to devices on your local network is generally restricted due to security considerations. Allowing external commands to access and control devices within a local network can pose significant security risks. To mitigate these risks, network security measures, are typically implemented to limit external access to devices within the local network.

HTMLRemote is designed to operate within the local network to maintain a secure and controlled environment. The "executeCommand()" function is a mechanism for local communication, ensuring that commands are transmitted securely within the confines of the user's own network.

So the HTMLRemote App is used for two purposes :
  • It starts your web page that allows you to control your devices
  • It acts as a local http server that takes the http requests, opens a socket to the provided ip address and port, and sends the command over this socket.

The app is only necessary for devices or extenders that are accessed through sockets. For devices supporting the rest protocol, or another http-based protocol, the communication occurs directly between the web page (the javascript library) and the device. The app allows to set the following parameters :

  • url : the url to load when the app is started. By default, this will be (Free Universal AV GUI)
  • port : the port at which the local http server is listening. By default, the port is 9090, but this can be adjusted if there is already another server running on this port. See the gatewayUrl variable in clientconfig.js
  • optional: default extender ip : if no ip address is provided in the http request, this ip address is used as default
  • optional: default extender port : if no port is provided in the http request, this port is used as default

How to use:

  • Create Your HTML GUI: Design a customized HTML interface that suits your control preferences and aesthetic preferences. Use our sample pages to learn how to easily integrate socket communication into your GUI using the javascript executecommand function.
  • Upload your HTML: Upload your HTML GUI to a server of your choice (for free).
  • Connect: Easily connect the URL of your GUI with HTMLRemote. Goto the settings of your iOS device, scroll to HTMLRemote and fill in the URL in the Url field. (AV lovers using the free MyURemote GUI: Url=
  • Expand Your Control Center: As your device system grows, HTMLRemote allows you to expand your control center effortlessly, adapting your HTML GUI to accommodate new devices.

Using standard HTML/CSS/Javascript, as GUI designer you are able to design the control panel you need. Add the location of your GUI in the APP settings and use your GUI to control anything that is accessible through:

  • ir (anything with an infrared remote control)
  • serial
  • socket communication - TCP/IP
  • ethernet

The remote control solution consists of:
  • a web page, showing buttons, tabs and other html controls
  • a set of javascript components
  • the HTMLRemote app, which is a local http server on your device (smartphone, tablet, PC)
  • optionally a device such as a GlobalCaché device to communicate with devices using ir or serial signals


Get Started

Developers, get Started

Our Demo's and Samples use classes and scripts, which contains the logic to differentiate between infrared and serial signals, HTML requests, overall network commands, checks the ports, etc...

This "Get Started" example provides full control over your commands, using the the executeCommand function. The only parameters you need are:

Command Input: Type the command you wish to send to the target device.

IP address: Specify the IP address of the target device.

Port: Enter the port number for communication with the target device.

Enter these details, click the "Send Command!" button to transmit the command to the specified IP address over the designated port. This will initiate communication with the target device. Ensure that the target device is configured to receive commands on the specified port and is reachable through the provided IP address.

A green text will show the response of the communication.

Please note that this 'Get Started', and all other Demo and Samples only function within the HTMLRemote app environment.

We recommend loading this webpage directly within the HTMLRemote app by setting the URL field to '' This ensures that this 'Get Started,' demo, and sample pages, are loaded seamlessly within the HTMLRemote app environment.

IP address:

Free Universal AV GUI

You are a tech enthusiast but you don't want to create the GUI yourself? HTMLRemote comes bundled with a complimentary universal AV GUI for audiovisual enthusiasts, MyURemote. Elevate your control experience with specialized controls for your AV devices, provided free of charge.

The MyURemote GUI is a dynamically configurable interface. Open the settings of your smartphone/tablet, scroll to the HTMLRemote app settings and set Url to ""


For more information, see our website at

About this website

This Help-document will try to explain

  • how you can send specific commands using the javascript objects
  • how to create a configuration for your own situation
  • how a webbased GUI is set up

It will also provide a tutorial how you can create your own web page (user interface).